Agricultural Ecology


Detection of insect health with deep learning on near-infrared sensor data (preprint)


Automating insect monitoring using unsupervised near-infrared sensors (preprint)

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A Novel CO2-Based Insect Sampling Device and Associated Field Method Evaluated in a Strawberry Agroecosystem

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Seasonal Dynamics of Spissistilus festinus (Hemiptera: Membracidae) in a Californian Vineyard


Effects of Salinity and Nutrients on Water Hyacinth and its Biological Control Agent, Neochetina bruchi


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Discriminatory Insect Sampling Device and Method for Use


Dissertation: Plant-Insect Interactions to Promote Pest Management in Strawberry and Water Hyacinth Ecosystems

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Does Drought Increase the Risk of Insects Developing Behavioral Resistance to Systemic Insecticides?

Phenotyping Insect Resistance with Autonomous Field-based Insect Sensors - Bean Improvement Cooperative 2021 Biannual Meeting